Used By Me

I like to use simple, free and open-source software. Here is some I use which I find particularly agreeable.

Operating system: Debian

The Universal operating system. Perhaps the most prolific and flexible GNU/Linux distribution.

Text editor: Neovim

Neovim is great for writing both code and prose. It is essentially a more extensible and polished fork of Vim.

Graphical environment: dwm

A minimal (less than 2000 lines of C) tiling window manager for X11.

Written By Me

In my spare time I like to write software. I think programming is a great hobby. It’s like building machines, except you don’t need to deal with the unreliable and expensive nature of physical materials.

Most of my software can be found on GitHub, and some on my personal Git server. In the future I will likely post some of the things I have made on this website.