Smart Fires: Poems

by Theo Henson — 2022-05-09

Smart Fires

Together lots of lighters light put-together lot fires.
"'Arson' said the accuser of the arsonist" said the witness, thinking of an asymmetric alibi.
Okay, I'll admit it: I started fires—smart fires at that; the fires that I start weren't just "okay".
They totally burned the badness out of them.
It was worth it.

Tooth Philosophy

I've been caught up in a cycle of consumption
subsumed by favorites to the tune of playwrights,
forcing me to globally apply my tooth philosophy:
as long as I don't have cavities it's fine if they're yellow.

Pair of Old Open Back Banjo Gig Bags (Found on Craigslist, sic)

Just came across this pair of old banjo bags that have been in the store room for years...
take a look at the photos...
not sure what they fit but one is vinyl and the other looks like canvas
(both seem to be for open back banjos)...
bargain priced at only $15 for both...
hopefully these will be useful for someone and help protect an instrument...
willing to swap for older guitar or music magazines...


Contractual protractor
Mandated playdate
Hickory hellscape
Escaped belated actor
Found out about it
Now won't allow it
It drowned it with it
With it it crowned it
Iconoclast: venerated and floundered
Repatriated, then coronated—betrayed
All hail the actor royal

Do We Need a Law for That?

In the city, the people's will overrides establishment:
Walk despite the amber hand, and
Occupy garden written for built.
Folk intuition can be great and harmful
With hate- and scorn-ful elocution
For gar- and boor-ish art forms.
Won't a plurality get all the power?
Frightfully, that's the purpose of election.
How could a not-real populism progenerate from people?

A Prevalent Attitude

"I'm just a personal fascist:
I like it alright for me
And it would be better
If they liked it.
But not force it
I'm not that

Once the Federation Meets Middle America

A technobabble-future Oklahoma burgeons forward:
Cowboys mount robots and march to the beat;
Metal hooves kick back, synchronized—a testament to the progress of the Sooner State.