Enforced Conformity: Poems

by Theo Henson — 2022-04-07

Short Anecdote Written While Driving Through Pennsylvania

Towns of mills and mines,
Sleepy cities dot the rolling, wooded hills;
They lose their race with time.


Flee to the countryside with me
And join the Maquis fight
Lead their fascist eyes to see
Enforced conformity's not right
Refuse submission nor heil Vichy
And open arms to freedom's sight

Myth No Longer (Another Sequence of Diminishing, Rhyming Couplets)

At least you're cognizant of your senior moments:
A forgotten tooth plucked from youngster's throat-bits,
Still under the pillow; now fairy's gone.
A lullaby sung won't right what's done.
And think how sad must be the child:
In ways anything but mild,
Has been sullied without
Not mercy nor doubt;
The hope annoyed 
And purloined
By a

Technology is a War Against Time

Galvanic cell electrifies
Volcanic Hell erupts
Manchuria attacked by Japan
Deliria abstracted by your hand
Crazy, say I
Lazy, says you
Make more, not enough
Take less, need stuff
Milked-out and made models
Built-up and broken bodies
Bawling then surprised
Falling then compliant
Technology is a war against time
Contra-chronology will never triumph

Poems About Poets

Poetry is theft
Said the quoted quoter or
Was it the other

Alternative love
Song sold in the newspaper
Propose with purpose

Pull a Richard Hell
Quit school, move to NYC
Become a poet

Terrified to Introspect

I see you're only slightly sightly
Wouldn't want to look too long
The horror's packed in lorries shipped and towed
Hung in hangers, planes lain in lines
Your worst fear realized: Oppie's a commie
Now tremble before the court and attempt to court me
Justify the dropping to crop the fighting yield